Childs Arborists, Inc.


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Childs Arborists, Inc.

Tree Care Services:

(We follow ANSI A300 General Tree Care Guidelines for Pruning, Removals, Cabling and Fertilization. We are Massachusetts Certified Arborists.)


Tree Pruning


Stump Grinding - Our Rayco Super Jr. Can Tackle Most Stump Removals.


Tree Removal, Cabling, Storm Damage Clean Up


Log Splitting / Firewood Processing


The Air Spade Excavation Tool is extremely valuable for diagnostics, removing excess soil and Mulch, Locating Buried Utilities, etc...

Services We Provide:

* Tree & Shrub Pruning
* Tree Removal
* Tree & Shrub Planting
* IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
* Stump Grinding
* Log Splitting / Firewood Processing
* Cable Installation, Support Systems
* Root Collar Excavation, Air Spade Soil Decompaction
* Consultation
* Wetland Permit Work - View Pruning Requests, Certified Arborist Filing Duties