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Our Plant Health Care Methods Are State of the Art in Arboriculture. Our Goal is to Keep Your Plants Healthy and Happy, While Working in a Safe Environment For Everyone. We Use Biological Insecticides, Horticultural Oils, Micro-Injections, Mycorrihizae and Organic Fertilizers Whenever Possible.


We use Mauget Micro-Injection capsules where needed to get the pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides inside the plant systemically. This eliminates the "drift factor" and is a much safer method to work around.


We practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in diagnosis and treatment.


Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Via Soil Injection - Steve is applying liquid fertilizer to a specimen American Holly (Ilex opaca).


The use of the Air-Spade greatly aids in disease diagnosis, removing excessive soil around a tree's root system and de-compaction.




Childs Arborists, Inc.


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