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Childs Arborists, Inc.

Crypt Gall Wasp

New insect pest on Cape Cod, the Crypt Gall Wasps are attacking and killing many of our Black Oaks (Quercus velutina). Call or email us to discuss treatment options and methods. 

Typical Damage by the Wasps

Oak in decline

Mass Pest Alert:            Asian Longhorn Beetle Fact Sheet and Winter Moth (below)


Asian Long Horn Beetle, (Anoplophora glabripennis ) is now in Massachusetts. Discovered in August of 2008 in the City of Worcester, the insects are now more widely distributed than first thought. Please click on the link to learn more about this pest. We at Childs Arborists are able to help you protect your feature trees from this devastating insect. As of January, 2009, no Asian Long Horn Beetles (ALB) have been found on Cape Cod. Please call our office or send an email for more information - (508) 420-1500 or


Damage to a tree trunk from the ALB. Note- these are exit holes.

Winter Moth



Winter Moth caterpillar in spring, defoliating.